Meaning sister in Hindi.

A project that tells the story of connection, of women through textiles. Sisters, daughters and protectors of the planet. Hands that learn how to do magic.

The Brand

BÉHEN is a project created by an avid dreamer that travels to lands beyond the sun, but always leaves a foot in Portugal. Joana Duarte, Fashion Designer, went to London for her master’s degree at Kingston University, and started to fall in love with untold stories. Those with adventures colored by saris, bérber tribes and other characters who took her with them. She easily gets lost in distant lands of dreams and lets herself go by songs from other countries and fabrics that travel the world. Today, she focuses on making garments with old bedspreads and all the other fabrics that she can find in her grandmother’s trunk.

Rock cliffs and sand trails

The Designer

Based in sunny Portugal but firstly imagined in India, BÉHEN believes in fashion being waistless and in one-off clothes made of antique textiles or textiles weaved with the magic of time in faraway lands. A brand born to be a storyteller, it tells the tales of women singing in hindi and dancing under Rajasthan’s sun. Women who step on the Portuguese sidewalk with ‘saudade’ on their chest. Women who saw the sunrise in Syria but don’t close their eyes to darkness. Women who want to change the world. Clothes ethically made by women communities around the world supporting Syrian boy’s and girl’s education.



Isilda pants

Silvia dress

Florência skirt