350.00 180.00

Levi’s + BÉHEN Up-cycling project – Levi’s up-cycled trucker with hand-made marble pattern in partnership with FRESS plus Swarovski crystals.

Inspired by the traditional “sabão azul e branco” (blue and white soap), with a twist in different colors, this collaboration celebrates the common Portuguese household item as a powerful symbol of the feminine and working-class universes.

The Levi’s x BÉHEN project aims to tell more sustainable stories of fashion as it transforms Levi’s deadstock into rejuvenated marbled denim pieces, an endeavour only made possible thanks to our partnership with the artisans at the Ricardo do Espírito Santo Silva Foundation (FRESS) in Lisbon.

And because each gesture counts in the fight for a more sustainable world, 30% of the revenue from your purchase will go to Príncipe Foundation, dedicated to conserving and protecting biodiversity in Príncipe Island.

  • Made in Portugal
  • Denim
  • Fits S

For tailoring questions or general inquiries contact sales@behenstudio.com.